Renting a Car in Piraeus

Piraeus is the busiest harbour in Athens. It constitutes a reference point for a lot of ships which operate daily routes to and from both Aegean and Ionian islands. The moment that one passes through the maritime paradise, admiring the endless blue, is fulfilled with the arrival in the city of Athens, which has a rich historical background and cultural tapestry. Athens, as it is a city full of vibrancy and charm in every corner, rewards travelers who have covered whether long or short distance with its ornaments. More particularly, hidden ancient treasures, as well as Greek special local dishes and delights join their forces for an unforgettable travel experience. Someone might wonder how to explore these places with more ease. Without any doubt, car rental in Piraeus is the ideal solution. Affordable prices and a wide diversity of car categories from Rent-Car give the chance to those who wish to make their expeditions in the city more flexible, to choose the appropriate vehicle that serves their needs and pick it up from the port of Piraeus.

Reasons to Choose Us For Car Rental at The Port of Piraeus

Our cars

Travelers arriving in Athens may be individuals or consist of a group of people, such friends or families. In addition, the age range diversifies. Of course, Rent-Car has taken care of covering all these requirements and is able to offer the possibility of selecting a vehicle from a wide variety. To be more specific, it is necessary to mention what the company’s fleet includes. One can choose from small, convenient cars addressing one or two people to vans which are designed for bigger groups of up to nine people. City cars are also available, providing comfort during your movement through Athens, as parking turns into a piece of cake. The SUV type cars should not be omitted, as they can provide you with unique experiences in inaccessible places, which are combined with the countryside. Automatic cars, clearly, ensure a more convenient navigation, too. Whatever the choice, the only certain thing is that excursions are completed with a sense of certainty and security.

Our prices

Someone who desires to rent the suitable vehicle for their travel adventure in Athens may imagine that the cost is very high. However, Rent-Car has taken into account the concerns of the customers and set the goal of offering car rental in Piraeus at affordable prices, allowing the visitors to cover the distances they wish at their own pace. Rental prices begin from 14€ per day and this is very helpful, as you can find the right car for your preferences. The promise of affordable prices is obvious and there is no fear of exceeding the total budget. It is notable that there are no extra fees added to the total final cost. In other words, there are no hidden charges, which makes the renter feel relieved.

Customer’s service

Since 1975, the company of Rent-Car has developed a client-centric approach and focuses on satisfying all travel needs. Its absolute aim is to create a cordial atmosphere with its customers and enhance trust. The simple and easy online car reservation procedure fused with support from experienced and willing staff, who are at your disposal 24/7 on a daily basis, elevates your excursions in Athens and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, there is the opportunity for office hours to be changed by arrangement. This is helpful for those who arrive very early or very late due to schedule delays. If you have any inquiries, feel free to get in touch with Rent-Car.

Where is Piraeus?

Piraeus is the largest port in Greece and the main port of Athens. Daily routes are carried out not only towards the islands of Argo Saronic Gulf but also the islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas. Its centre is about 12 kilometres away from the centre of Athens. The time needed for someone to travel to and from the city centre is approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

What can you do in Piraeus?

Piraeus is not just the main port of Greece. It is a welcoming and multicultural city that receives several tourists every year. The fact that it is located by the sea offers the appropriate tranquility when you go for strolls in Marina Zeas and Pasalimani. Of course, the splendid cafes should not be omitted from the list, as they invite you to enjoy your coffee with a view of eternal blue. Picturesque taverns offering well-cooked fish and other seafood complement your walks in Mikrolimano. Also, you can visit Peiraiki and drink your beverage in a warm and island-like ambiance. The ultimate relaxation, having as a background the Argo Saronic Gulf, adds another dimension to your travel experience.

Transportation to and from Piraeus


Line 1 of the subway, depicted in green on the map, is called Piraeus-Kifisia. You will hear a lot of people referring to it using the name “ilektrikos”. In particular, this line starts from the port of Piraeus, passes through central areas, such as “Monastiraki” and “Omonia” and terminates in Kifisia. An alternative means of transport is the third line of the subway, which is easily understood from its blue colour and is called “Dimotiko Theatrο-Airport”.


Apart from the subway, you can also use a variety of bus lines that operate daily and follow a specific schedule, as far as the time of routes is concerned. The most well-known bus line, 040, connects Piraeus with Syntagma and the total duration is approximately 40-50 minutes. For those who arrive late at night, it is a useful bus, as it operates on a daily basis from 10 pm to 6 am.


Those who wish to have more flexibility and comfort during their navigation, especially after a long journey by boat, have the chance to take a taxi. When disembarking at the port of Piraeus, you will encounter some vehicles in yellow which are parked at the nearest point to assist you. The distance from the port of Piraeus to Syntagma is around 20-25 minutes.

Renting a car

Car rental in Piraeus is the ideal solution for those who want a trip based on your own preferences. Specifically, families with young children or groups of friends need their own time while traveling. Consequently, with a simple online reservation from Rent-Car, you can choose the car that best suits you and take it from Piraeus.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s give an answer to some extra questions you may have regarding car rental in Piraeus.

The company Rent-Car has two car rental offices in Attica: the first is located in Athens and the second one is in Helioupolis.

Certainly! By completing the online car rental reservation form, you have the ability to choose a different pickup location from the available ones.

In this case, there is no problem. The only thing you have to do is to inform the company.

The port of Piraeus is approximately 12 kilometres away from the centre of Athens. However, public transportation, such as the subway and different buses, serves lots of areas which are connected to these two locations.

To answer this type of question, several factors should be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, the most comfortable car for unique excursions is a small city car that has the advantage of easy and immediate parking, without the need to search for a spot for a long time.