Renting a Car in Ilioupoli

Ilioupoli is an area which is located in the central sector of Athens and is surrounded by locations such as “Agios Dimitrios”, “Alimos”, “Argyroupolis” and “Elliniko”. Although it is not a seaside destination, it has a wide variety of activities and things to offer. Someone could say that this is not different from an island destination, as you can see several small and large establishments with a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Picturesque cafes await you to enjoy your coffee in a relaxed atmosphere and amazing taverns give you the chance to elevate your taste experience by trying traditional Greek dishes, including seafood. At the same time, you are surprised by the live performances that take place in different taverns that are in the centre of Ilioupoli and the surrounding areas. In addition, for beer lovers, there are several beer bars for every discerning customer. Of course, there are lots of parks with greenery and children’s playgrounds where you can take a day trip for a picnic with friends or family. Undeniably, renting a car to explore these areas is a fantastic idea. Rent-Car stands by the side of travelers and is able to support you in every vehicle while applying reasonable prices.

Reasons to Choose Us For Car Rental in Ilioupoli

Our cars

Travelers who come to our country may vary regarding the number of individuals, age range and the purpose of their visit. Some people come for leisure, while others embark on a business trip. These are the main factors that influence the final choice of the vehicle. The company Rent-Car has taken these parameters into account and is fully equipped with numerous car categories to serve every taste and preference. Let’s mention what the company’s fleet includes.

Firstly, small cars, city cars and compact cars have the same capacity. More specifically, they address one to five passengers. Furthermore, vans of nine people cater to larger groups of travelers. The category of SUV cars is available for extreme rides. Automatic cars are there for those who find driving with conventional manual vehicles boring. No matter which vehicle you choose, your trips will be comfortable and easy and, of course, they will be unforgettable.

Our prices

For those who are in a dilemma about renting an economical car, this matter may seem challenging to them. However, Rent-Car is aware of the client’s concerns and has developed a customer-centric approach by offering affordable packages and deals. This way, renting a car in Ilioupoli becomes a process with a sense of security and without hesitations. The price range starts from 14€ per day, confirming the company’s care for its renters. It’s notable to mention that the existence of hidden charges does not represent the character of the company. Therefore, customers can not only choose the car that suits them, but also create new experiences without the fear of additional fees.

Customer’s service

Rent-Car is a company which has been operating since 1975 with a focus on the needs and desires of the customer. In other words, the support team that makes up the company, as well as the careful and high-quality services it provides, are the key elements for promoting the best collaboration with anyone. Beyond any doubt, clients are treated with courtesy and willingness and the main goal is to ensure trust. The 24-hour service is possible and the staff is there for any difficulty or clarification. Moreover, car rental can be done not only at the offices but also online. We cannot overlook the fact that operation hours may diversify in case of any emergencies on the condition that there is relevant information. Clearly, you can keep in touch with Rent-Car for any obstacle you may meet.

Where is Ilioupoli?

Ilioupoli is a neighborhood in the southern suburbs of Athens, Greece, and it is located a short distance from the city centre. To be more specific, the distance is approximately 8 kilometres and the time required to cover this distance is around 18 to 20 minutes by car.

What can you do in Ilioupoli?

As mentioned before, Ilioupoli may not be connected to the sea, but it has a lot to offer to its visitors. In the past, the airport was located in the area of Elliniko and it put limits on its construction activities. Now, the airport has been moved to Spata and Ilioupoli, as well as the nearby areas are flooded with more buildings where cafes, restaurants and shops nestle. The most well-known shopping centre near Ilioupoli is Athens Metro Mall. Your visit there will captivate you, as you have the chance to combine shopping with food or coffee. If you love movies, you can watch your favorite ones as soon as they are released, either with your family or friends. Do not forget to buy popcorn, too. Alternatively, we suggest that you explore the magic world of The Ellinikon Experience Centre which is located in Elliniko. Both young and old can try plenty of activities and games in the green landscape. Contact with nature will surely rejuvenate you.

Transportation to and from Ilioupoli


Line 2 of the subway is represented in red on maps and connects Anthoupoli with Elliniko. In particular, Syntagma station is located close to the municipality of Ilioupoli and the surrounding areas. The schedules are regular, providing flexibility in transportation. If you start from Ilioupoli, you can reach Alimos in just one stop and enjoy the view of the sea. Certainly, you will feel relaxed.


There are a lot of bus lines that operate routes which pass near Ilioupoli. The most common ones are 140(Polygono-Glyfada), 237(Ano Ilioupoli-Dafni metro station) and 201(Agios Dimitrios-Argiroupoli).


For those seeking convenience and flexibility in their movement between areas, taxis are also available. You can stop a taxi on the go and ask if it is available for the area you want or even find one using various apps such as TaxiBeat or Freenow, by simply entering your details.

Renting a car

If you prefer not to use the available public transportation in Ilioupoli, you can easily rent a car. With a simple visit to Rent-Car’s website, you have the convenience to make an online reservation for the vehicle you are interested in by entering your personal information and choosing the pickup location of your preference. In this case, it is Ilioupoli.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s answer a few more questions you may have regarding car rental in Ilioupoli.

The company has two offices in Athens: one office is located in Athens and the other one is at Kanaria Square in Ilioupoli.

Certainly! In the online reservation form for the rented car you selected, you have the opportunity to opt for the pickup location. For example, you can choose to take the car from the airport or even Piraeus.

In case of arriving other time rather than the operation hours of the company, you can modify the pickup time by mutual agreement.

Ilioupoli is 8 kilometres away from the centre of the capital. It is a short distance. However, various means of transport make it even more easy.

In order to answer this question, we first need to address some other questions. For instance: How many passengers are there? What is the nature of each journey? Is it a trip to the mountains? In general, you can rent a small car to make your transportation more flexible and convenient. The main positive point of such a vehicle is the ease and quick parking it provides.