Renting a car at Athens International Airport

This journey to the capital of democracy and philosophy can officially begins! As soon as the landing at the modern Athens International Airport is completed, thoughts flood the mind of traveler enthusiasts and fill them with excitement. More specifically, there is a desire for meeting the hotel that will be their home during their stay in Athens. Also, they feel thrilled at the idea of encountering not only a number of ancient treasures which await them, but also the delicious traditional dishes. In addition, their eagerness to become recipients of local people’s hospitality and get involved in wide Greek celebrations is obvious. In which way will all these amazing plans turn into real adventures for you? Of course, with a simple car rental at Athens International Airport. So, the incomparable fleet and affordable prices of Rent-Car allow everyone to choose the ideal car for their journey and take it from the airport. This way, they can immediately start their exploration to beautiful Athens as they land.

Reasons to Choose us For Car Rental at the Athens Airport

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Our cars

Every group of travelers is special. This means that it includes a diverse number of individuals, ages and preferences. This automatically leads to the existence of different needs that define the choice of the suitable car for the investigation of the city. Rent-Car has taken into consideration all these travel requirements and demands, offering a variety of excellent options for rental cars. The company’s fleet consists of lots of different cars that it is impossible for someone not to find this one that suits them well. In particular, there are not only small vehicles for one or two people, but also vans for nine people. Furthermore, city vehicles for those who desire to move in a comfortable way and SUVs for those who want to have a trip in the countryside are available. As it is easily understood, all journeys are undertaken with safety and certainty.

Our prices

But how much do the services of Rent-Car cost? Unexpectedly, the cost is much more affordable than you may imagine. The aim of the company is to provide an economical solution for car rental at the airport in order for many tourists to explore the capital as locals and have the time and ease to discover all the famous and hidden gems. With rental prices beginning from 14€ per day, it is certain that you will find the proper vehicle to enjoy your rides in the city. In that manner, you will not exceed your budget, too. This is why there are no extra charges that might increase the total amount of renting a car, such as cancellation fees or exceeding a limit number of kilometres. 

Customer’s service

Since 1975, the rental car company in Athens, Rent-Car, has been standing by the side of all travelers who want to explore the city centre and the surrounding areas using an ideal vehicle. Through the easy online car reservation and the support of a trustworthy crew  that any client has the ability to have an around the clock contact for any concern, Rent-Car contributes to ensuring that the journey in Athens can be successful with the lack of any difficulties. The office hours are adjustable, as they can change according to the customer’s schedule. For instance, there are travelers who reach the Athens airport very early or late and they need a car. Don’t hesitate to contact Rent-Car for car rental from professionals at competitive prices. 

Where is the airport?

Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is at about twenty kilometres east of the city centre, with the time demanded for someone to cover that distance ranging from thirty to forty-five minutes. The area where the airport is located is called Spata. 

What can you do at the airport?

“Eleftherios Venizelos” airport is the biggest airport in Greece and it welcomes millions of people who come from different countries every year. In order to make a good  impression so that everyone can be pleased, it offers numerous activities for all tastes and preferences. Explicitly, you can find from fine restaurants to stores for shopping and luxurious lounges to free exhibitions and cultural events. If you have free time, it is worth wandering around the nearby area, as you will have the chance to encounter great surprises. The archaeological site of Brauron, the Beach of Artemis and the Attica Zoological Park are excellent landmarks of the area.

Transportation to and from Athens International Airport


Line 3 of the subway, which is depicted in blue and is called Municipal Theatre-Airport starts from Piraeus, passes through the centre of Athens and ends at the airport. With stops at important spots, such as Syntagma and Monastiraki, it is about a route you will take throughout your total journey.


A lot of buses depart from various areas in Athens to reach Athens International Airport. Line X95 is one that gathers the most people because it starts or terminates at one of the central points in the city, Syntagma Square, and operates twenty-four-seven.


For those who seek flexibility and convenience in their transportation, especially after a flight, they can take a taxi. They will find a lot of vehicles waiting at an obvious spot, as they get out of the arrivals building. A taxi route from the airport to the city centre takes thirty to forty minutes depending on traffic on the roads.

Renting a car

For absolute convenience, renting a car at the airport is a perfect solution. The highways are in excellent condition and there are a lot of signs that show the directions in order for you to easily arrive at your destination, even with no GPS navigator at all. You can rent the best car online from Rent-Car and pick it up from the airport, allowing you to start exploring the city from the very first moment.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s answer even more questions you might have as far as renting a car is concerned.

The car company in Athens, Rent-Car, has two offices. The first one is located at 1 Kallaischrou street in Athens, and the other one is at 2 A.Papandreou Street in Helioupolis. 

Yes, of course you can. By making online car rental reservation, you have the ability to choose other pickup location than the airport. 

Yes, of course. There is no problem if the company is informed about your arrival time.

Athens International Airport is approximately twenty kilometres away from the city centre. Various means of transport, such as buses and the subway, connect these two bustling areas of Attica. 

The answer depends on several factors. However, it is noteworthy that preference of a small car is better  because it can provide you with the opportunity to find parking space more easily. Moreover, a good air conditioning system to withstand the high temperatures that usually prevail in Athens, especially during the summer, is another crucial factor that you should take into account.